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POWER31 BRUTAL (code: Brutal) - Design to meet EEC standard. The hottest product in Malaysia and now had penetrated the countries in the region, the Middle East and Europe. Formulated from a combination of spectacular herbs in a base of virgin coconut oil. If you are battling with premature ejaculation or just simply wish to go a little extreme, Brutal is your answer. Satisfy her with mind blowing multiple climaxes and give her the loving she deserves. (for external use only)

More than hundred thousands around the world of men have already discovered that Power 31 Brutal really works. Huge Long Lasting Erections are possible with this Brutal Lotion.

The husband is suggested to apply the BRUTAL lotion 30~60 minutes before intercourse and its effectiveness lasted up to 10 hours. Apply thoroughly at the sensitive area of the penis, especially around the lower area at the top part of the penis. May also apply to the entire length. It's best to wash it off first before intercourse.

Specially formulated for husbands to last longer during intercourse.
. Husband will be stronger and last
. Invigorating.
. Wives can achieve multiples climaxes.
. Smooth and long voyage...

Testimony 1 : Anonymous : Single married widow; Sepang.
I got married with widow (2005). In our intimacy moment , I always lost before my wife ending the first round. But, with Power 31 Oil, I ever failure but I can overcome until 3rd round."

Testimony 2 : Anonymous Status : Married 12 years old
""Huuh...she asked me to adjourn our moment before ending"

Testimony 3 : From Kuala Lumpur, send sms
" Marvelous....!. I scored 3-1 last night.Grateful for VCO Power 31 Bio-Asli

Testimony 4 : Teacher from Kuala Selangor.
"Wow...!It's so wonderful"

Testimony 5 : Technician from Kuala Lumpur
"My wife always remind me don't forget Power Rangers Oil !" ( VCO Power 31 Bioasli(for men))

Testimony 6 : Sewardess from Subang Jaya (send e-mail)
" I always have wonderful Sunday.......she seems didn't want to stop. Thank you VCO Power 31 Bio-Asli. "

Testimony 7 : Supervisor from Puchong
Hey,beb!I can forced 3 round non stop!"...Congrate to VCO Power 31 oil bio-asli(For Men)

Testimony 8 : Engineer from Port Dickson
" It's so amazing..! "(He ordered 10 bottles more to introduce to his friends)

Testimony 9 : Old couple from Bangi.
We got married since 25 years ago and until now we are the best couple. However, because of our age becoming old, we cannot have intimate moment as in young age. We tried to use many product to enhance energy and when we met Virgin Coconut Oil, it's so different !

The history of the creation of Kamar Sutera Lotion formulation
This formulation is created at the request of women/wives for the purpose of tightening the vagina especially while in bed. After a tiring search in and out of the jungle and laboratory, in 2007 Kamar Sutera Lotion was finally created to assist women. It is a unique product, capable of eliminating whiteheads and smoothen the facial skin. To date hundred of thousands of this product has been sold throughout Malaysia and worldwide.

Kamar Sutera Lotion for Women
CODE : LKS Size = 40ml

VCO, acrylates, fragrance, glicerine, oak galls,piper betle,mineral oils,ficus detolidea,methylisothiazelinone, cinnamomum eylanicum

Apply and massage extremely when necessary
Use to moisten, soften, smoothen and freshen

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